Multiplayer Baccarat

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Multiplayer Baccarat

Walk into any casino and you are bound to find a multiplayer Baccarat game going on. Since its beginning in Italy in the fifteenth century and its evolution in France, multiplayer Baccarat's thrill and excitement has made it one of the most popular casino games today.

While there are many Baccarat variations, only three are widely played, these are:

  • Chemin de fer or Railroad
  • Punto Banco or North American Baccarat
  • Baccarat Banque

A multiplayer Baccarat game calls for the gambler to complete a hand of two or three cards and to reach a card value of nine, or as close to nine as possible. There are two natural hands in multiplayer Baccarat - a natural eight (second best) and a natural nine. If the bank or another player has a natural eight or nine, the other players do not draw a third card and bets are called off in a tie.

Cards from 2 until 9 have their face values, while tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth zero. The Ace is valued at 1. When a hand's value totals more than 10, the first digit is dropped.

A multiplayer Baccarat game takes place around a table with up to 14 players and three dealers. Players bet either on the banker or the dealer, although the dealer traditionally bets on the banker.

A multiplayer Baccarat game has only three possible outcomes - player, banker and tie. Despite its aura of snootiness and elegance, a Baccarat game is really as simple as tossing a coin. The house edge on the best bet is only 1.06% - making it one of the best game choices around.

Online Baccarat Games

Many people may feel put off from trying multiplayer Baccarat at traditional casinos because of the air of exclusivity surrounding the game and the high table limits. Since online casinos burst onto the scene in the 1990s, gamblers have been able to enjoy online Baccarat games.

Online Baccarat games provide gamblers ample opportunity to learn the game at their own pace, without the need to feel pressured.

One of the greatest advantages of playing online Baccarat is that players get to play for free, without the need to commit even one dollar from their hard-earned bankroll. Online casinos encourage players to try out their games and gamblers get to build their confidence, skill levels and knowledge of the game by practicing on free online Baccarat games.

Players who wish to play online Baccarat games should first try out the various variations of Baccarat to see which appeals to them the most and then perfect their game strategy. The beauty of playing online is that players get a wider choice at their fingertips, without leaving the comforts of home.

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